The Close And Intrinsic Relationship Between Food And Family

The importance of Food is more than fulfilling the hunger needs of the body. It is like an emotion. It is a feeling that brings the families together. The popular saying is that the family that eats together stays together. The family time when all the members come home and eat together is special for all the members. It is a time of shared stories and making the family ties stronger and closer.

The Tradition Of Eating Together As A Family

This idea of eating together as a group has been going on since times immemorial. It was started first in the tribal societies. It is here that the leaders sat with the rest of the members of the tribe to have their meal. It was about sharing their catch and their collection for the day.

The idea was that the eatables or the collection do not belong to one member, rather it belongs to the tribal community as a whole. It was a time of bonding and sharing between the members. In the tribal societies all across the world, this practice is still largely prevalent.

The experts support this practice and ask more and more modern families to go that way. They feel that the people need more time to share with their families. Some delicious items on the table and relieving the stress of the day are the best ways to relax. It gets tough in the hectic modern lifestyle. All the members are busy, and they eat at their own time.

Getting Healthy Food That Is Not Boring To Eat

The first thing while cooking that comes to mind is that what to cook. All do not love the same old boring and banal dishes. Also, the in house chef does not want to cook the same old dishes. Something special must be made. If there is a shortage of ideas, there are some tips that can be used that can give a twist to the same old dishes.

Tips To Give A Spin To The Old Recipes

The smallest tip that can go a long way is that you can cut the vegetables in a new way. People use the same cut of vegetables and fruits for their dishes for the longest time. Cut all the vegetables differently and throw them in together. The diners will love the twist. Change and mix up the sauces and dips. Add a fresh new sauce or dressing.

Make the sauces at home to serve it fresh. Let go of the artificial store made sauces with preservatives. Experiment with new food items or vegetables.

 The things that you have not used or tried before will not only challenge you to cook but also be a great surprise to the family. You don't need to use too many ingredients in one dish. Keep it simple, and it will be delicious nonetheless. Have a kitchen garden and get fresh ingredients.

Try to go for seasonal fruits and vegetables instead of the vegetables that are brought out from the cold storage. Not only the non-seasonal veggies lack in flavor but do not have nutrients

Getting The Members Together To Come Together To Eat

The preparation of food and all the organizing is fine. But one needs to get the members under one roof to make it a family affair worth remembering. This can be done by fixing up a schedule. Ask all the members to be back by that time so that all of you can have at least one meal together. It is difficult but can be done at least thrice or twice in a week. Ask the members which of the days in the week will be convenient for all of them.

The Occasions To Get The Families Together

Another great option is getting the family together for some special occasion or festivals. The Christmas or Easter celebrations are an excellent way of doing the get-together. It can also be done in a wedding or marriage in the family. All the laughter and shared jokes with some signature family recipes will make it an affair to remember for all. The weddings in the family are great for all the happy members to share their time and food with each other. Think of special events like promotions or new jobs. Treat all the family and friends to your cooking. Think of the favorite dishes that the members love and the signature recipes passed down through the generations.